We have a long track record in working with professional service firms, including legal and accountancy practices, surveyors, and other paper-based professions. Our expertise in providing specialised financing solutions allows us to support the success of your professional practice. Whether you require funding for VAT, tax obligations, insurance premiums, working capital, or other specific needs, we have you covered.
VAT Financing

Managing your VAT obligations is essential for the financial health of your professional practice. We offer flexible financing options that allow you to spread the cost of your VAT bill, ensuring you have the necessary cash flow to cover other operational expenses

Self-Assessment Tax Financing

Meeting your personal tax obligations can be challenging, especially when it comes to cash flow management. Our financing solutions for self-assessment tax enable you to spread the cost of your tax bill over manageable instalments, providing you with greater financial flexibility

Corporation Tax Financing
Ensure seamless payment of your professional memberships and annual subscriptions without straining your cash flow. We offer flexible financing solutions to cover these essential costs.
Insurance Premium Financing
Protecting your professional practice is paramount. Our financing solutions cover insurance premiums, allowing you to maintain the necessary coverage without straining your financial resources.
Annual Subscriptions Financing
As a professional service firm, you often need to manage numerous annual subscriptions. Our financing options provide the necessary capital to cover these essential costs, ensuring your memberships and subscriptions remain up to date.
General Working Capital Financing
Maintaining a healthy cash flow is crucial for the day-to-day operation of your professional practice. Our working capital financing solutions offer the financial flexibility you need to manage operational expenses, pay suppliers, and invest in growth opportunities.
Practice Refurbishment / Relocation Financing
Whether you’re refurbishing your existing practice or relocating to a new location, we provide financing solutions to cover the costs associated with practice refurbishment and relocation. We understand the importance of creating a professional environment that reflects your brand and enhances client experience.
IT Expenditure, including Software and other Intangibles Financing
Staying up to date with technology is vital for modern professional practices. Our financing options enable you to invest in IT infrastructure, software, and other intangible assets that drive operational efficiency and client satisfaction.
Vehicle Financing
If your professional practice requires vehicles, whether for client visits or business operations, we offer financing solutions to help you acquire the vehicles you need. Our flexible financing options ensure you have access to reliable transportation without straining your cash flow.
Practice Acquisition Financing
Expanding your professional practice through acquisitions requires capital. Our financing options support your growth strategies by providing the necessary funding to acquire other practices, allowing you to broaden your client base and increase your market presence.
Partner Buy In/Out Financing

When it comes to partnership changes within your professional practice, we provide financing solutions to support partner buy-ins or buyouts. Our expertise ensures a smooth transition and continuity of operations, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional client service.

Commercial Mortgage Financing
If you’re looking to purchase commercial property for your professional practice, we offer tailored financing solutions through commercial mortgages. Our experienced team will guide you through the process, helping you secure the funding necessary for property acquisition or refinancing.

If you have existing loans or financing arrangements, our refinancing options can help you consolidate your debts, potentially reducing your monthly payments and improving cash flow management.

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